Secure Document Storage - Peace of mind in a package

We all know how easy it is to lose or misplace documents which are kept at home, especially if you move house. And with over 64,000 household fires, 1,000,000 burglaries and 2,000,000 homes at risk from flooding each year, the statistics are against us.
Furthermore, a recent survey conducted by Will aid showed that 58% of people do not know where to find the Will of their nearest relatives.

For your reassurance, our Customer Care Package offers a substantial range of benefits.

  • Secure storage of your Will and associated documents. Irreplaceable paperwork is safe and remains confidential so it can’t be invalidated by accident or viewed against your wishes by family and friends
  • Free annual update service - No need to pay a fee every time you need to make a small amendment to your Will. This covers basic changes such as new address details and the inclusion of new beneficiaries

  • Will validity check – we review your Will before placing it into storage to make sure it has been signed correctly and is legally valid.
  • Will review – we will provide assistance free of charge if you need help reviewing your Will

  • Free bereavement and serious illness counselling for you and your friend

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